Mobile App Design | Interaction Design Studio (University of Michigan School of Information)


The Project

By empowering users with information that is often overlooked and facilitating in-person discourse, my team and I believed we could create a platform that allows people to unite through their local government and ultimately be more effective citizens. Our solution was an iOS application called Ember that facilitates in-person events, helps people find local candidates, and stay updated on important topics.

The Problem

Despite 24/7, wall-to-wall coverage of national politics, local and state political information is still difficult to find. When it comes to local elections, people tend to vote simply along party lines. Instead, our goal with this application was to have voters make more informed, confident choices. 

The Outcome

The outcome of the application was an Adobe XD mockup of our mobile application Ember that strove to turn the focus away from digital “activism,” and shift the focus back to real events, people, and impact. 

The Team

  • My Roles
    • UI/UX Researcher and Designer
  • Team Member #1
    • Project Manager
    • UI/UX Researcher
  • Team Member #2
    • UI/UX Researcher and Designer
  • Team Member #3
    • UI/UX Researcher and Designer
  • Team Member #4
    • UI/UX Researcher
  • Team Member #5
    • UI/UX Designer


February 2017 – April 2017

The Process