Portfolio Redesign

Web Design and Development | Web Design Course (University of Michigan School of Information)


The Project

For the final project of my Web Design Course, I worked with a team to redesign Oliver L. Haimson, Ph.D.’s online portfolio using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The Problem

The problem we faced was accessing Oliver L. Haimson, Ph.D.’s current online portfolio, and coming up with a way to redesign the site in a way that is easy to use and follows formal web accessibility rules. 

The Outcome

The outcome of the project was a fully programmed website that was made accessible to the web using GitHub.

The Team

  • My Roles
    • Project Manager
    • UI/UX Designer & Developer
  • Team Member #1
    • UI/UX Developer
  • Team Member #2
    •  Web Developer
  • Team Member #3
    •  Web Developer 


November 2019 – December 2019


1) Ideation

  • Initial Assessment
  • Ideation Sketching  

2) Design

  •  XD Mockups
  •  Programming 
  • Portfolio Redesign  

4) Takeaways

  •  Lessons Learned